1820 Settler Books

The following is a list of books about various 1820 Settler (and related) families, some of which have links to online copies.

Title Author/Compilor/Editor Primary Family
The Chronicles of Jeremiah Goldswain · 1820 Settler * Ralph Goldswain Goldswain
Through the Chequered Path · The Story of William Howard's Party of 1820 Settlers Pamela M. Barnes Howard and Party Members
The Reverend Francis McCleland · Colonial Chaplain to Port Elizabeth · 1825-1853 · A Family History Gabrielle Churchhouse McCleland
1820 Settler James Mundell and his descendants · 1820-1981 Hilda Mary Corrin Mundell
John Parkin of Baakens River Farm and his family · 1820-1970 N.P. Sellick Parkin
The Descendants of Richard and Maria Peacock · 1820 Settlers Vyvian William Hiller, O.B.E. Peacock / Peacocke
Southwell Settlers · UK Reprint * Doris Stirk Stirk and Others
A Small World · The descendants of Charles Webber * Norma van As Webber (not and 1820 Settler family, but with strong ties to many 1820 Settlers)

* I have physical copies of these books, if you need a lookup of some details! Nearly half of the genealogy from A Small World is included on this site.