1820 Settler Ships

The following is a list of 1820 Settler family ships. People included on this site as 1820 Settlers (i.e. with the 1820 Settler field populated) will appear on their respective ship list. Members of parties who are not included on this site (at this stage) will NOT appear in the ship lists, so these lists should NOT be taken as "complete shipping lists".

  Ship Parties
1. Aboena Russell
2. Albury Calton
3. Amphitrite Nightingale, Wilkinson
4. Aurora Sephton
5. Brilliant Erith, Moodie, Pringle, Sephton - Gush Division
6. Canada Independent
7. Chapman Bailie, Carlisle
8. Dowson 16 of Campbell C, Independent
9. Duke of Marlborough Daniell
10. East Indian Parker, Scanlan
11. Fanny Butler, Ingram, Synnot
12. Garland Independent
13. John Hayhurst, Liversage, Mouncey, Stanley, Wainwright
14. Kennersley Castle Bradshaw, Greathead, Holder, Phillips, Southey
15. La Belle Alliance Willson
16. Mary Ann Sophia 7 of Campbell C, Independent
17. Nautilus Crause, Mandy, Owen, Rowles, Scott
18. Northampton Clarke, Dalgairns, Mahoney, Pigot, Smith W
19. Ocean Damant, Dixon, Howard, Morgan
20. Salisbury Campbell C
21. Sir George Osborn Gardner, Mills, Turvey
22. Stentor Griffith, Neave, Richardson, Smith G, White
23. Waterloo 61 members of various parties, Independent
24. Weymouth Biggar, Bowker, Campbell D, Cock, Ford, Gurney, Hyman, James, Menezes, Osler, Parkin
25. Zoroaster Dyason, Thornhill, Wait, Wait - Barker Division